Friday, 15 May 2015

New quilt projects

La passacaglia quilt, my first rosette, there is a facebook group you can join and share yours.
I have a lot of jelly rolls and this is a perfect project for using them.

close up of rosette 4 of The New Hexagon quilt

Rosette 1

Rosette 2

Rosette 3

With this quilt I am trying to use the fabrisc I have in my stash ( with the odd new purchase) so its quite scrappy and not sure how they will look put together. I am having fun with it though as its so fascinating how the look of each rosette can change by the placement of fabrics. There is a facebook group  where you can see these amazing versions of the quilt. Its been a learning curve too, as I am not very experienced in colour theory, and have learned to see tones in fabrics and so on, even bough myself a wheel and a red glass to look through :)

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